Best of the Web - Old Style and 3D Printing vs Games Workshop

Donato Giancola of Dweller of the Forbidden City has two brilliant articles. The first Running D&D the Role of the Ref lays out how Donato runs games. It's the old style approach stripping out the Game Masters need to handle story and narrative and just presenting the world. This says a lot about how games have changed over the years because anyone that started playing in the old days will recognize the play style immediately. 

The second post is Randomization - It's Not What You Think. Well it is what I think, and it is what most Grognards would think, but a few of the things were abandoned long ago by most in the hopes of streamlining things or making players happy and Donato lays out the points with very convincing rationals why they should be reconsidered. I've never liked individual initiative but the case is made and I can't really deny it is a good one worth exploring. Also Spell Distribution, my games have never had a lot of spell casters so this hasn't been a thing but I like the way its laid out and I'll be giving it some thought. 

Ran across an old article called Games Workshop Takes Legal Action over 3D printing on Greyhawk Grognard.  It made me wonder how the case turned out. It also got me thinking how Games Workshop should be embracing the technology. Imagine if they didn't have to make led figures and ship them around the world, but instead could send out the plans and have them printed up in the many Games Workshop stores. Certain figures are super-popular, print up more of those. It really would solve a lot of supply/logistics problems. Assuming the 3D mini's are of equal quality to the ones they normally make.

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